Anouk Hoogendoorn

Anouk Hoogendoorn
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Anouk Hoogendoorn holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Creative Writing from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and a MRes of Arts in artistic research from the University of Amsterdam. She is an active participant of The Three Ecologies Institute in Montréal. Her practice is theoretical, textual and visual. Her texts, photos, sketches, videos and audio works are moments of processes rather than presentations fixed once and for all. Her main interests are radical pedagogies from a process philosophical approach and the act of fabulative writing in the (visual) arts. Her practice always has an important collaborative and experimental orientation to it.

Report during the symposium:


This talk will explore material fabulation through neurodiverse experience. Collective storytelling constantly feels the many-at-work even while writing alone. Words get lost and found in a movement of relaying traces. Experience does not start and end with finding the right names and narratives. Therefore, concepts and moments of experience that stay unnamed or are unaccounted for are completely part of the practice. Not everything is found in the form of a word. By refusing language as the sole form in which it coagulates, fabulation gives way to an exploration of the materiality of text and a field for political change that alters how life is defined and valued—a field for stories violently framed or lost, for those who have been denied speech, for those left unread. Language is here not a mediator of those experiences, but a practice, a way of doing, an active participator in the encounter of word with world, fabulating words and worlds to come.