About the Committee

Through a call within the project Fabulation for Future, more than 30 participants were selected in summer 2021 to form a fictive International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation and to build a sympoietic, transdisciplinary network of international artists, thinkers and curators. Therefore, the committee’s deputies were invited to meet online in September 2021 and to report on the state of the Anthopocene as well as to project a speculative future in the respective area(s) they inhabit. During the symposium and the workshop the deputies have listened to each other and presented philosophical and/ or artistic approaches that address the entanglement of the biosphere, ecosphere, and technosphere, and between climate change and corona pandemic.

Fiction, vision, projection, fabulation! Fabulation for Future proposes to critically engage with the endangered present on a damaged planet and to imagine a fabulative-speculative future in which humans and other species can coexist. The committee’s deputies enable such a collective critical rethinking of the human as well as of dominant discourses on migration, economics, climate change or ecology. Many of their digital reports during the symposium are published in form of an online-installation in the digital exhibition How to Become a Posthuman. The exhibition further presents the results of the workshop and the subsequent 9-month process in which the committee deputies developed collective and individual projects.


From the sound recordings sent by the Deputies of the Fictive Committee for the Salvation of the Earth through Speculative Fabulation from their places of origin, Felix Römer was asked to compose a soundscape reflecting the sympoietic event.