Dani Landau

Dani Landau
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Dani Landau is a filmmaker and visual artist, who specialises in participatory documentaries. He also works collaboratively on diverse film and media arts projects. Dani is part of collectives in Bristol, UK, including Bristol Expanded and Experimental Film (BEEF) and the Cube Microplex. His PhD research at the University of the West of England is titled ‘Moving Image and Place, Sense as Surfacing’

Report during the symposium:


In my talk, I will present some of my recent moving image events. I will draw on the speculative ‘philosophy of the organism’ devised by Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1957). Whitehead replaces being with becoming,through relational events he terms prehensions. I will make a case that moving image practice produces expositions of this onto-epistemology. As all entities are events of feeling, and novelty occurs in every event, novelties in species of relation are therefore continually occurring.