Dovilė Aleksaitė

Dovile Aleksaite
© Leonor von Salisch

Dovilė Aleksaitė is a Lithuanian artist, working with video, photography and performance. Her practice explores the questions of anthropocentric worldview, notions of nature and time, emotions and human vs. non-human consciousness. Aleksaitė is a co-founder of Okta Collective, an international artistic research and curation group . Her works were presented in group exhibitions at the Akademie der Künste Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt and New York German House, among others. She has been studying art and media at UdK Berlin and currently lives and works in Berlin.

Report during the symposium:


The audio-visual project Let’s Talk about the Weather delves into realms of ecosphere, biosphere and technosphere expressed through the format of weather forecasting, wind scale and a map of emotions. The viewer is plunged into a speculative world through visual and subjective presentations of the Beaufort wind force scale, which marks one of the starting points of the modern weather forecast, and emotions from Dr. David Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness. In this way, the metaphorical weather forecast with a new hybrid measurement scale is created. Inner states here intertwine with those from the outside world, so weather and emotions intra-act and become one another. High vibrating emotions here come together with a light wind, and the wind gets stronger as feelings like anger or shame come along. Inspired by the writings of Vilém Flusser, the work unfolds as a poetic weather forecast, where ecosphere and technosphere become entangled.