Elisabeth Brun

Elisabeth Brun
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Elisabeth Brun is a filmmaker and theorist, working in the intersection of philosophy, experimental film-practice and art and design. Brun holds a PhD in media studies from the University of Oslo and has a background as a documentary director in Norwegian Public Broadcasting (NRK 2001–2014). Her work takes different forms (academic texts, films, video installations) and explores questions of form, of human and environment and the potentialities and limitations of image technology for perception and knowledge. In 2020 she received The Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment for 3xShapes of Home (2020), and her research-led work has screened at festivals such as Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage and Vienna Shorts.


Report during the symposium:


In this talk I will present my ongoing research-project Moving Image Topography and its associated film-experiment 3xShapes of Home (2020). The project theorises how one can think spatially and embodied through the camera apparatus, about form and the impact of form on how environments are experienced and understood. In the film-experiment, I explore my subjective relation to my childhood village in Sub-Arctic Norway through techniques such as framing, camera position and algorithm. The experiment is a test of my own subjective relation to place against the agency of the camera, the agency of the algorithm and the subjectivity of other creatures, such as a fish and a crab. Drawing on the philosophical topography of Jeff Malpas, the project develops a theory and artistic practice of thinking topographically through non-verbal camera techniques and about place and the experience of place, both in and beyond the human.