Digital Exhibition

How to Become a Posthuman

11 June 2022 – 30 November 2024

The exhibition is optimised for Mozilla Firefox.

Due to the interrelated ecological, pandemic and economic crises, we see that humanity and its anthropocentric way of living on a damaged planet is in need of urgent change. The digital exhibition How to Become a Posthuman is a first step and presents  outcomes of the ongoing artistic research project Fabulation for Future. The sympoietic and transdisciplinary project began 2021 with a compelling call for participation in a summer school at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF to which numerous emerging international artists and philosophers were invited. Participants were to take on a fictive deputyship in order to perform together as an International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation. In a 9-month collaborative process, the artists-deputies explored in real terms what speculative fabulations can do to save the planet. They scrutinized whether, how, and by what artistic means a post-anthropocentric future can be shaped from the present. How can we rethink, reimagine and retell the earth as a habitat for all species with different spheres of life? How can we reconnect ourselves, these species and spheres in a non-anthropocentric way? How to Become a Posthuman is dedicated to fabulations, projections and thoughts that open up possibilities for agential performativity – an explicit “call for action” that highlights artistic creative power as an important factor for future processes of transformation.

The exhibition is optimised for Mozilla Firefox.