Fee Altmann and Christine Reeh-Peters

Speculative Flag

Speech to the International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation

With Fabulation for Future, we intend to inquire into the contemporary perception that the anthropocentric view of the world is destroying the multi-species habitat of the earth. Decimation of biodiversity through environmental poisoning, deforestation, extensive forest fires, plastic waste, famines, climate catastrophes, etc. are consequences of a destructive self-relationship that puts the survival of humanity and the one of other species on the earth at risk. In the context of intraactivity as an onto-epistemological concept, we have conceived the Masterclass as a collective exchange between international participants who together enact a fictive ‘International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation’. This talk is then directed to the committee’s deputies, a prologue which explores the question of how and by what means the arts and philosophy can overcome anthropocentric thinking through approaches such as critical post-humanism and cine-poiesis. By what means can a new concept of the human change –in a sustainable way– the different terrestrial life-worlds? By this token, we propose to inquire into the moment of crisis as a symptom and apply its implications to questions of aesthetics in an audiovisual, philosophical as well as performative way.

Fee Altmann

Fee Altmann is an art historian, freelance curator and creative producer; board member and deputy director of the Institute for Artistic Research in Berlin; founding member of the Society for Artistic Research Germany and its representative for Brandenburg. She has many years of experience in the international art market. Until 2013, she was director of the foundation archive of the conceptual artist and philosopher Adrian Piper, and from 2013 until September 2020 she was managing director at the Institute for Artistic Research at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. In October 2020 she became the project manager and since December 2020 has been director of Digitale Bühne gGmbH (digital-stage.org). Her main research and curatorial interests include: contemporary, artistic practices in the cultures of the present especially with regard to paradigmatic turning points; social and political practices of the arts and procedures of artistic research; and transdisciplinarity.

Christine Reeh-Peters is a film director, author and philosopher. She is junior professor for Theory and practice of artistic research in digital media at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Potsdam, Germany. For many years she has been a producer and founder of the film production company C.R.I.M. (Lisbon). As a filmmaker and thinker, she explores the complexity of ‘reality’ and the connections between philosophy and art, narrative and image. She has made internationally acclaimed documentary films and publications in the field of film philosophy. Among her most recent publications are Being and Film (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021) and The Real of Reality (Brill Publishing, 2021). Her best known films are Mother Fatima (2009), Kinotel (2009) and The Chronicles of Polyaris (2015).