Florian Goeschke

Florian Goeschke
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Florian Goeschke studied electroacoustic composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and holds an MA in sound studies from the University of Fine Arts Berlin. His work has been shown at international festivals and conferences in Europe and Asia. He worked with the Flemish theatre and music collectives CREW_vzw and Champs d’Action as part of the European research program dreamspaceproject.eu on 3D audio in the context of immersive visual media. In his current PhD project on sonic sympoiesis, he is developing and researching ‘relational sound environments’ that critically reflect the conditions and origins of contemporary sound interface technologies.

Report during the symposium:


Human-machine interactivity in sound and intermedia contexts such as installations and performance art has been examined in detail in recent decades through work on gesture control and audio-haptic feedback. While questions about the conditions of machine interaction and human perception seem to be a central concern, the concept of interface technologies itself is in most cases based on a cybernetic understanding of a machine controlled by (human) input. However, this concept, which can be traced back to modernity and colonialism, has undoubtedly led to current crises and ecological devastation. By retelling and rethinking cybernetic concepts of control, domination and governance, the potential of a decolonial and (post)-cybernetic understanding of interface technologies in the context of intra-active sound installations and digital musical instruments is discussed in this presentation.