Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti


I am presenting the 2021 edition of the A.Part Festival, a Berliner dance festival devoted to dance students and alumni. Due to the pandemic the festival was moved online in 2020 and 2021, with a slight but meaningful difference in the two editions: in 2020, the artists were supposed to bring online their creative processes and develop further their piece; in the 2021 edition, the idea of ‘creating a piece’ was abandoned, and the artists were requested to radically rethink their creative modus operandi and share their research online, without any productive pressure. The blog of A.Part Festival is both an open relational space and an artist’s journal. On the one hand, it displays a documentation of the creative and dramaturgical process, where the audience becomes community. On the other hand, it supports the artists’ self-reflection, which takes the form of a demystification of the idea of the final product, a challenge to the principle of Kantian aesthetic empiricism, according to which what counts in the end is only the relationship between the audience and the final product. Here the artists are foregrounded, while the final work takes place in the background, if not disappearing completely.

Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti
© Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti

Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti studied dance and movement in Milan and New York after earning two MA degrees in philosophy. Giovanni’s interest in the relationship between dance, body and technology draws back on his own dance practice. He has always been interested in researching on the boundaries between performativity and ‘liveness’. Recently, he began PhD research at the University of Huddersfield (UK), supervised by Ben Spatz. His research focus is the impact of digital media on the dramaturgical practice of dance practitioners, applying a multiplicity of perspectives to dramaturgical research, such as embodied research, visual studies, queer studies and media science.