Marie-Eve Levasseur

© Andreas Giesecke

Marie-Eve Levasseur is a Canadian artist living between Montréal and Leipzig. Her work deals with intimacy, interactions, non-human ecosystems, mediating devices as extensions and perception of language or images through screens. Using diverse forms and techniques like video, installation, sculpture, prints, 3D animation and augmented reality, she questions the proximity of technological and organic surfaces in a post-human context as well as our perception of device-mediated content, using speculative fabulation as a tool and feminist science fiction as inspiration.

Keynote during the symposium:

My Experiments in Thinking the Next Possible World 

Media artist Marie-Eve Levasseur will present some of her recent works addressing the relevance and the emancipatory potential of speculative practices like feminist (science) fiction in her artistic practice. As a method, the artist engages in an act of imagining, for example, benevolent poet algorithms, extensions that allow our bodies a better perception of the Other (instead of a stifling of the senses), a crossing of the interface, inter-species symbioses, a post-human, post-anthropocentric world, etc. All this represents an immense creative and philosophical potential for thinking and discussing (together) the next possible world. How can we manage to perceive others empathically and from multiple perspectives? Through the lenses of feminist science fiction and using different formats like video, 3D animation and installation, Levasseur’s work takes us in a propositional future where we can speculate for a better becoming-with.