Raquel Felgueiras

Raquel Felgueiras
© Raquel Felgueiras

Raquel Felgueiras is a Portuguese visual artist and animator, with a degree in fine arts – painting from FBAUP, a Post-graduation in drawing from FBAUL and a Master’s in animation from UWE. Her short films have been selected for several international animation festivals and awarded with the Young Portuguese Director prize at CINANIMA 2012 and Best Short Film – Avanca Competition at the Avanca Film Festival 2016. Her artistic work, which includes drawing and animation, was selected for exhibitions in London and throughout Portugal. She is currently based in Porto as a PhD fellow student at FBAUP with a scholarship from FCT.

Report during the symposium:


Two moons circle the earth. Their presence is noticed by some, but for most people they were not there… Intercepting Orwell’s 1984 and Murakami’s 1Q84, we arrive at 2 o 21. This is the starting point to think the possibilities of deviation in a post-pandemic and over-surveyed world. After glitches of utopia, when pollution faded thanks to human inactivity, do we feel welcome here? Taking the railway as a symbolic element for the construction of a human path and the moons as natural linking elements, we set the frame to question our role in possible futures. How is our perception affected by our non-stopping movement? Can we build new tracks while inside a moving train? And what surprises have the two moons set for us?