Sanja Anđelković

Sanja Anđelković
© Snežana Petković

Sanja Anđelković is an audio-visual and textual research artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Her research is focused within the field of documentary and fiction practice, where she is considering/questioning its position inside the system of gender, socio-political roles and/or traumatic moments of personal biography/history And examining how the idea of ‘home’is changing within the historical, geographical, social, but also environmental context.

Report during the symposium:

Fatberg –
A New Hybrid Intelligence 

Taking Fatberg as a metaphor for a new artificially created intelligence, the work presents an online game of chance in which the only winner is Fatberg itself. By clicking on the “water flush” button, Fatberg feeds on our digital database: by combining wastewater quality data with data from the Republic Bureau of Statistics. It feeds on our various by-products, collected over 20 years, from microbial data to astrophysical as well as toxins in the Danube, but also data on employment, bank accounts, newborns, divorces, drug addicts, food consumption, currency values, housing, migration , tourists, city traffic …

As a geospatial topological research, the work takes a closer look into the sewage system in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia as one of the oldest/biggest invisible infrastructure and the most complex information dispatching system connected to the river Danube.