Angelica Böhm

Transmedia Storytelling for Future

Transmedia Storytelling: Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan (CPOP) was founded in 2015 at Film University Babelsberg. More than 400 students, alumni and professionals from different parts of the world have become involved. Angelica Boehm started the project because the worldwide media present often environmental problems in a way that makes us feel gloomy and hopeless. Consequently, people start ignoring facts. Films usually show the future as dystopias, taking the world as destroyed. However, what about the future we want to live in? 

With a mix of artistic imagination and fantasy-setting on environmental problems CPOP is a mind opener backed by scientific expertise from the renowned Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research. The other facet of the artistic research is transmedia storytelling with a short story about Camilla as red line. This integrative project is presented in terms of events, exhibitions and several multimedia forms. Based on scientific collaboration, numerous artists create artworks like paintings, concept art, sculptures, 360-degree short films and VR experience.

In 2019, an international masterclass was supported by the European Union. It won an award as ‘innovative event’. The project was introduced in the web-exhibition The ArtForFuture-Lab is its logical continuation. 

Angelica Böhm works as a scenographer for cinema, TV and theatre. She is a member of the German Film Academy. Since 2013 she has been a professor at Film University Babelsberg. She created the scenography for several literary adaptations. Her work with film teams has shown her that co-creation belongs to the most powerful thing she knows.  In 2015, she founded the project Transmedia Storytelling: Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan. Her latest project is the ArtForFuture-Lab.