Belén Cerezo

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Belén Cerezo is an artist, researcher and Associate Lecturer in photography at Nottingham Trent University where she completed her practice-led PhD research in 2015. Her work examines the functioning of images and attends to the transition from a representational model to a performative one that explores new forms of action, relationship and practice generated by images. She makes moving-image installations, videos and photographs. Since 2017, her main line of enquiry stems from her encounter with the work of Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, and it has been gathered in the publication Seeing Bodies (2020).

Report during the symposium:


Is it possible to film as if caressing? How would it be ‘to film with the body’? How would it be to film the life-world as Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector writes? These were the initial questions of my artistic research that brings into the visual arts some characteristics of Lispector’s work that have resonated with me. My contribution will focus on two works, Viviendo el día (Living the Day) (2018) and A Pool of Light (2019), that extend from my artistic investigation and that stage a transdisciplinary encounter between reading, filming and installation practices. Fundamental parts of my work include: exploring the idea of ‘filming with the body’ and the relation between vision and touch; experimenting with cameras and the various image production and reproduction devices and media, including screens and the exhibition spaces; and creating environments in which human and non-humans, objects, technologies and phenomena participate. These operations generate margins where our perception and experience can grow. They allow us to look at the world with astonishment, as Lispector does. These operations offer possibilities to repair and remake our damaged links with the world.